Value Propositions 

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We do our best to create value in return for your support. Contact Moran and let us know what’s on your mind.

1 – Hand painted surf board

Forget roll-ups, we offer the coolest banner ever!
Your company logo, hand-painted on a surd-board, by an artist, exhibited in our business hut for the entire season of 2020.

2 – Host your next Meetup

We call you to host a beachfront-professional experience, right here, at one of the most beautiful shores in Israel.

3 – Placement your product

An exclusive opportunity to exhibit your product/ book on our business hut. Contct us to check match.

4 – Support Glocalization

During 2020, we’d like to enable locals and members to work together on Beachub’s sides projects in order to encourage combined entrepreneurship and common prosperity.

5 – Shop

We have super-cool community products. Get youself our authentic community T-shirt or Beachub laptop sticker and become one of us.