We are in the midst of a massive revolution happening throughout the world. Join our remote community by the beach as we celebrate the new opportunity of working remotely.

Things to love about working in our remote-resort


Connect with other remote workers and prepare yourself to the future of location independence


Feel comfort, keep high productivity and make your day at the office worthwhile

Good vibes

Feel good about your way of living and improve physical and mental health

No shoes 

Reconnect with Mother Earth as a tool for growth and flexibility

Sounds awesome! can I come with my team from work?

Make the beach your new office

Dedicated desk

890 NIS / a month

Dedicated desk 

All open space facilities

Unlimited coffee & tea

Remote community

Discounted business lunch | +42 NIS

A ticket

722 NIS / season of 2020

10 flexible arrivals

All open space facilities

Unlimited coffee & tea

Remote community

Discounted business lunch | +42 NIS

Nomad membership

390 NIS / a month

Desk-free membership

All open space facilities

Unlimited coffee & tea

Remote community

Discounted business lunch | +42 NIS

Take a workation!

The new kind of vacation is productive and transformative. We offer ultimate space, community and accommodation for the perfect workation, 50 minutes from TLV.

Wish to combain business and leisure?


What’s on menu

We serve delicious veg business lunch, fruits, home-made snacks. We are meat-free and alcohol-free.

Is there WIFI

WIFI powered by SMBIT and power by solar system.
Beachub is off-grid. 

Where is it

Sinai Doppelgänger is located 50 min from TLV. Click to navigate with Waze

Why Jisr A Zarqa

By bringing in innovation we empower the local disadvantaged community

More answers to popular questions

Fisherman’s Village is disconnected from electricity infrastructure. In order to support coworking’s WiFi we built a solar system.  Thanks to SMBIT technology we provide fast internet (70 Mega). Still, keep in mind we are off-grid and anything could happen 🙂

Often we are fully booked, we recommend booking in advance.

If you’d like to make Beachub your new office – scroll down to send us a request for booking, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.
If you’d like to come by for a single work day – go to Book a Day Pass, and after purchasing the voucher you”ll be able to pick a date. 
You can also come by with your whole team – learn here more and contact us for a quote.

After a day of working here, you will probably regret not knowing Beachub before.

There can be particularly hot days in November, as well as very pleasant days in mid-August, we cannot tell in advance. 

One thing is for sure – we’re not arguing here about the natural air conditioner of the sea breeze – it is always on!

Beachub located on a virgin coastal beach, and keep in mind that it is an outdoor, shared coworking space – the chirping birds, the roar of the waves and the professional chatter all serve as fuel for our members’ success.

However, we do ask that phone calls be made a few steps outside of the workspace.

As long as you are sure that your dog will not be a nuisance for community members – welcome.
Also, keep in mind that other dogs without leashes walk around the beach.

Local prosperity is important to us, so we have designed a balanced and inexpensive menu for you, to enjoy VEG, healthy and delicious dishes, inspired by the Arab local cuisine.

If you’ll decide to bring your own food – please bring VEG meal with you, and keep in mind we do not have a microwave (no electrical infrastructure – remember?)

Out of respect for the village culture, we actively encourage an alcohol-free environment.

We are located in the most beautiful coastal strip in Israel and offer the most valuable experience possible – believe us, no beer can make it better than it already is!

In my experience, having worked in the village for a year, and having been hosted here for three months, I have never felt unsafe. Over 200 members worked at Beachub last year and everybody had a positive experience.

We recommend wearing modest dress, aside from bathing.

Swimming is prohibited on our behalf. There is an official beach just a few meters from the workspace.

Driving to Beachub is in the opposite direction from the traffic jams, so it should take an hour at most.
Click here for further directions and ways to get here.

Request to book

For 85 NIS join us from 9:00 to sunset

For 85 NIS join us from 9:00 to sunset