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Too busy with daily work and can’t get to learn new skills or just chill by the beach? We got it all covered for you!

Choose the new abilities you would love to learn in order to increases motivation, productivie and happiness, and we’ll bring it to your new office by the beach!


Design Sprint Bootcamp

Kick off a new initiative or generate a breakthrough in five focused days.

We will lead you through all five stages of the Design Sprint process, by Sagi shrieber.


Problem Solving Workshop

Step aside from the laptop to see the big picture. Experience in creative provocation, reverse brainstorming and effective decision making in 10 weeks.

We bring the design thinking method exclusively to individuals and partners. by Asaf Pearl-Bershadsky.

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Spoken Arabic 

Speak with a local and improve your Arabic pronunciation and vocabulary in 10 weeks.

We will connect you with a local Arabic speaker for weekly 90 minutes meeting by the beach. 


Bhagavad Gita Workshop

Discover a new way of thinking about life, business, success, failure, productivity, balance and money.

We will host 3 weekly empowerful workshops.