The first off-grid remote-working resort in Israel for self-employed, teams and companies of "the new world"

The first off-grid remote-working resort in Israel for self-employed, teams and companies of "the new world"

Official opening – 25/05/2020

We open: Monday, Tusday, Wednesday 9:00-Sunset | Friday alternately 9:00-An hour before Sabbath (Updated here)

Not another coworking space or cafe — an entirely new approach

It's time to combine coworking with a lifestyle connected to nature and to make your business ideas, goals and dreams come true, barefoot.

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Unfamiliar comfort

We offer the most pastoral environment as a tool for your growth.

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Sinai vibes an hour from TLV

We offer a virgin coastal strip, home-cooked Arabic food, black coffee and a unique local experience, few minutes from the highway.


Beachfront facilities

We offer Reliable WiFi, sockets, office-chairs, work-friendly desks and sea-breeze.

We dare to reinvent our work day.

Feel like a "Digital-Zombie"? 

Beachub's stunning beach shore had been carefully designed by "mother earth" to deepen the sense of connection, belonging and freedom, and to maximize the potential of growth and productivity.

We provide everything hard-working entrepreneurs, easy-going freelancers, travelling startups, frustrated employees and dreamers need to elevate their mind, body and business. FAQ

Sea breeze & Fresh air

Work-friendly desks & chairs

Beachfront wall-less workspace

Off-grid raliable WiFi & Sockets

Hammocks & Yoga mats

Shade & Shower

White boards

Black coffee 

Want to partner or barter with us?

Beachub is one of a kind: an hybrid, off-grid, socially aware coworking resort, fully committed to the future of work.
By partnering with us you suppoer our vision for outdoor working culture, make work-life-balance approachable and make Jisr A Zarqa worth visiting.


Committed to sustainability

Starting from removing meat from the menu and phasing out single-use plastics.


Socially aware

Beachub is a trust-based collaboration between Moran Stiassny (Jewish entrepreneur) and Nimer Jorban (Arab fisherman).



Lack of infrastructure turned Beachub, against all odds, into a self-powered coworking space (based on solar system).



We respected the fishermen's history, culture and architecture when repurposed it for the community of the future.

Want to partner or barter with us?

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